posted 25th February 2022
Stripey Stork Mother’s Day Appeal
Stripey Stork are running their Mother’s Day Campaign for the 9th year in succession.

At Stripey Stork, they often hear stories of local mums who are keeping things together in the face of extremely difficult circumstances – many are living in poverty and regularly go without to provide for their children. These mums don’t have a support network to make sure that they receive a gift on Mother’s Day and they wouldn’t dream of spending their stretched budget on themselves.

They’d like to be able to give these mums a little pampering gift and a hand-written card to open on Mother’s Day. They know that this small gesture means so much – it shows that the community cares and everything they do is appreciated.

It would be great if St. Matthew’s could help them towards this goal, you can do this by…

Visiting the Amazon wish list to buy a gift set for a Mum. This will be delivered directly to the warehouse to pass on to a Mum in need.

Donate to the Appeal

Join the #LittleOrangeBag movement! Collect a bag from one of the designated collection/drop off points during February and fill it with pampering treats for a Mum. There’s one in the Belfry shopping Centre.

Buy a card – This year, the talented pupils at Reigate Grammar School have designed a Mother’s Day Card exclusively for Stripey Stork. Cards are available to buy from the warehouse costing £2.50 each with the proceeds going to the campaign.

More details from the Stripey Stork Website A gift for Mum – Stripey Stork