posted 13th April 2022
What happens next as St Matthew’s enters a vacancy

Having bad farewell to Fr Andrew and Alison at the beginning of April, our eyes now turn towards the future.

We are not legally allowed to advertise the vacancy until Fr Andrew is licensed in his new parish. This may seem rather strange, but in law he owns the Vicarage until such time as he ceases to be Vicar, i.e. up until the moment he is licensed. It’s a little bit like the difference between exchanging contracts and completion when purchasing a house.

However, we have not been idle over these last few months and we have everything in place ready to leap into action on 22nd April, the day after the licensing. This means that we have managed to get dates into the Archdeacon’s very full diary and this has gained us a huge advantage.

So, the timeline looks like this:

Early May
The advert is placed in the Church Times and various clergy online platforms.

Mid June
A shortlist of three candidates is drawn up.

Mid July
Interviews take place.

If we find a suitable candidate, the appointment can be announced by the end of July with the new Vicar potentially starting by the middle of October.

If none of the candidates are suitable, then the process repeats with interviews being held in September with the new Vicar potentially starting after Christmas.

However, in the meantime, the responsibility for Pastoral Care rests on all of us. Please do reach out to anyone on the staff team if you have any pastoral needs, or if you know of anyone who needs support. Better still, as well as notifying the staff team if you notice someone in need, why not call them yourself? Ask if they are OK, if they need anything. Together, we are the body of Christ in Redhill and together we can support each other and use this time of vacancy as an opportunity for growth in our community.

Finally, remember to pray! Pray for the staff team who are covering all the services, pray for those who are taking on extra responsibilities, pray for our church and community, and pray that the Holy Spirit is busy at work in the heart of our next Vicar.

Julia & Chris