posted 28th November 2017
This Advent ‘Reverse’ Calendar For Foodbank

Due to an ever increasing demand on our Foodbank we invite you to try a ‘Reverse’ Advent Calendar to help us.

Simply find a large box and on each of the Advent days leading up to Christmas we ask that you place a food item in it. When complete bring the box to St Matthew’s sometime over the Christmas period and we can then distribute the contents to our clients in need.

Particularly helpful items:
Tins of main meat meals, vegetarian meals, ham, corned beef, spaghetti, tomato & chicken soups and rice pudding
Coffee, Squash, concentrated juice and long life semi skimmed milk
Cereals, crackers, biscuits, sugar and packet noodles
Basic toiletries (e.g. shampoo, deodorant, nappies)

Thank you from the Foodbank at St matthew’s

open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12pm – 2pm
closed: 25 & 27 Dec and 1 Jan

07849 253085