Mission Action Plan

Latest MAP Worksheet

All Parishes in the Church of England are now encouraged to produce a Mission Action Plan (MAP). It’s essentially a business plan which sets out how we are going to reach into the Community around us and how we will encourage and nurture our own congregation. It is managed by the Ministry Team who meet once a term to review the progress of the projects and is reviewed every year around Easter.

Each project has a nominated person to take it forward, with regular updates to the PCC (Pariochial Church Council) and success criteria built in to show what should be happening when the project is completed. Some items are ongoing and require maintenance, some will be one off tasks, while other projects may take the form of an evaluation to see if something is feasible.

If you have any questions about our Mission Action Plan please speak to a member of the Ministry Team who include: The Vicar, Curates, Reader, SPAs, Churchwardens and two nominated members of the PCC.

Mission Action Plan | 2021-22