14th Oct 2018
Embracing The Open Landscape

Before we go any further I need to just check I’ve got everything… Wallet and debit card… and let’s just count the cash… I’m not sure now that this is enough. Train tickets… I’ve got a whole pile of them… are these the ones for today…? E tickets for plane and ferry… I hope this…

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7th Oct 2018
We Are Born to Love Not to Judge

I first preached on this passage on this Sunday, Trinity 19, twelve years ago. You are probably wondering what on earth I am going on about, it now seems to be just another Sunday, but then I was standing in this pulpit for the first time preaching as a priest, and indeed also celebrating for…

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9th Sep 2018
We Can All Learn From Each Other

Two healing miracles both performed on people who could not turn to Christ themselves to ask for healing. First, we have the Syrophoenician woman – a gentile, pleading for a cure for her young daughter, what mother wouldn’t do that. Then we have a deaf man being brought by friends to be healed we don’t…

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12th Aug 2018
Bread of Life

Although the Revised Common Lectionary doesn’t recognise it… we are in Lammastide. One of the old Celtic festivals at this time of year was later to become part of the church calendar known as the Lammas festival…. held on the first day of August, it was a celebration of the grain harvest. When the first…

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22nd Jul 2018
Mary Magdalene

Love has been the subject of songs since man first began to speak, so it’s not surprising that one has found its way into the bible! And these verses from the Song of Solomon, or the Song of Songs, along with the text from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, are well chosen to compliment the…

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8th Jul 2018
Home Town

I wonder how many of us would be recognised if we went back to our home town. I suppose if you are under forty there may be a good possibility someone will, but at my age incredibly unlikely. And to be more to the point how many of my today’s near neighbours do I recognise?…

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1st Jul 2018
Lost In The Crowd… Found In Christ

Well of course we’ve hit the rush hour. People are everywhere looking up at the departure board. Now let’s push our way through and see what we can see. Redhill. Redhill. Everything but. Caterham. Sutton. Epsom Downs. No good. Brighton, now there’s a possibility, excuse me can I just squeeze through. Thank you let’s see….

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24th Jun 2018
A Quick Change Act

I always think it’s a pity that when the junior church children come to the front at the end of the service to tell us what they’ve been doing, we never share anything back with them. So I thought we would put that right this morning and produce a little drama based on the story…

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