8th Jul 2018
Home Town

I wonder how many of us would be recognised if we went back to our home town. I suppose if you are under forty there may be a good possibility someone will, but at my age incredibly unlikely. And to be more to the point how many of my today’s near neighbours do I recognise?…

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1st Jul 2018
Lost In The Crowd… Found In Christ

Well of course we’ve hit the rush hour. People are everywhere looking up at the departure board. Now let’s push our way through and see what we can see. Redhill. Redhill. Everything but. Caterham. Sutton. Epsom Downs. No good. Brighton, now there’s a possibility, excuse me can I just squeeze through. Thank you let’s see….

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24th Jun 2018
A Quick Change Act

I always think it’s a pity that when the junior church children come to the front at the end of the service to tell us what they’ve been doing, we never share anything back with them. So I thought we would put that right this morning and produce a little drama based on the story…

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17th Jun 2018
A Scattered Church

So the world cup is underway and England’s first match is tomorrow. I don’t know about you but I’ve booked the television, my wall chart is ready and my England T Shirt has been located from the back of the wardrobe. I am ready to go… And, yes I am ready to be disappointed. Can…

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10th Jun 2018
True Love

Families we are all part of a family, and this applied to the earthly Jesus, he was born of an earthly family and until the day he re-joined his heavenly Father he had to cope with them and they with him. And as in all families there are days when disagreements arise, when there can…

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13th May 2018
Living in Answer to Jesus’ Prayer

I’ve been asked this morning to start by reflecting briefly on my time here at St Matthew’s, and I want to say how much I have appreciated and enjoyed the last 3 months here. The reason for coming here on placement was so that I could experience an Anglican church with a more formal style…

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29th Apr 2018
God Wants Us To Be Like Philip

What is it that drew you into the Christian church? Perhaps you have always come to church, perhaps someone said something, did something, perhaps it was just curiosity. But I am sure that as well as the churchmanship, the welcome afforded you by the other members played a major role. In fact, when I was…

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22nd Apr 2018
I Lay Down The Life Of Me (Stewardship)

Out in the back garden sweeping leaves with my little Grandson and teaching him how to gather up handfuls of them, throw them in the air and then see how they flutter to the ground on the wind. And then how different all these leaves are! Sharp and prickly ones, dead and dying ones, some…

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