12th Apr 2020
Journey’s End is Full of Surprises

When it came to the long school holidays, I enjoyed being lazy! When he heard that I had nothing in mind to keep me out of mischief, my Vicar said that I should be appointed as Parish Gardener! This meant going from house to house and tidying the gardens of those who were elderly and…

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22nd Mar 2020
How Big Does Your Family Feel This Morning?

How big does your family feel this morning? For me it started out the size of just the three of us. My mum, my dad and me. But when I married Alison, it all began to explode. There was suddenly a whole mass of people who were sisters in law and brothers in law. Aunties…

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8th Mar 2020
Courage To Take The Next Step

If anyone is interested in organ lessons – please come to the school chapel at 12.15pm next Monday for an introductory session. Well I was interested! But when the day came I was at home with a cold, and the following Monday when I poked my head round the chapel door, some boy was already,…

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23rd Feb 2020

From where I am standing, I can just see the window in the Lady Chapel, some of you will see it better than that and some of you can’t see it at all. I know we are so very lucky to have so many beautiful windows, but I have to say that window is my…

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9th Feb 2020
Not yet in Bethlehem

Last Sunday I enlisted the help of some Messy Church children to take down the Christmas Stable. It left a trail of straw across the church (sorry Jill), I trod on a light bulb and broke it (sorry Andy) and I couldn’t quite manage to pull apart all the pieces so that they could fit…

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26th Jan 2020
Why is Nothing Happening

Joseph jabbed at the fire with a stick and watched the flames start to crackle. “It can’t go on like this” he muttered “I shall have words with the lad when he comes in!” Mary laid down her sewing and sighed. This was not the first time that Joseph had threatened to speak out. “Don’t…

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24th Dec 2019
The Government Shall be Upon His Shoulders

I like to walk down to Midnight Mass on my own and take my time to dawdle. Looking at the lights that shine prettily amongst the garden hedges and dangle from the branches of the trees. The Christmas trees that peep from behind partly drawn curtains and the Christmas Number One hits that blare from…

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22nd Dec 2019
We Must Trust God Today

I always think this is a strange weekend, it certainly isn’t yet Christmas, but somehow it doesn’t feel like Advent. We know what happened in Bethlehem, but at the time only Mary and Joseph knew what traumatic, dramatic event lay ahead, something that was going to affect the world for ever. The passage from Isaiah…

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