3rd Nov 2019
No deal Left on the Table

So picture the scene if you will. It is breakfast time on the first day of the Southwark Diocese Mothers Union Retreat. We are sitting at tables of 8 and the meal marks the beginning of a time of silence which is supposed to last the entire day. And there am I – the retreat…

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6th Oct 2019
Let Us Get Our Priorities Right

And Jesus said to them ‘Therefore I tell You , do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body; what you will wear.’ What do you think Jesus’ message was when he said this – do you think he meant, do as you please – you can’t get…

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29th Sep 2019
Finding Our Roots

If you are on the rota to read the first reading in the service then you’ll know that It’s not often that the person reading the Gospel gets all the hard names to read out, It’s usually the other way around! But this morning it was the turn of the Gospel reader. And it’s not…

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22nd Sep 2019
The One Who Had Just a Single Talent

If we all put our minds to it – I believe we can still prevent it happening. Because I don’t like it one little bit and I’m sure you are of the same mind. Just because he wasn’t judged as having the same “ability” as the other two – it doesn’t mean he should face…

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15th Sep 2019
Using The Whole Of Ourselves In His Service

You are probably aware that every church needs to have a Mission Action Plan. This should reflect the priorities we have here at St Matthew’s for spreading the Good News. It’s a plan that must not just be decided upon by a Committee so that it looks good. It should reflect what we all think…

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25th Aug 2019
Listen to God

If you are as old as me, the Sabbath was a day of rest. And if anyone tried to change it, the Lord’s day Observance Society would soon step in, as a child I felt the most important commandment must be – and on the seventh day God rested. And this for me was compounded…

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18th Aug 2019
The Two Worlds of Faith

How was it for you at the dentist? When you were a small child? For me it was a right old doddle. I’d get an hour off school. I’d go with my Mum and sit in this lovely waiting room at the back of a big old house in Broadwater Road Worthing. There were toys…

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28th Jul 2019
Overflowing With Thanksgiving

Can we listen again to the idea St Paul had about how we each need to be. He said in our reading that we need to be rooted in him. Like the base of a chalice, firmly fixed, where we will not easily topple or overbalance. Where we know where we stand – and where…

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