18th Aug 2019
The Two Worlds of Faith

How was it for you at the dentist? When you were a small child? For me it was a right old doddle. I’d get an hour off school. I’d go with my Mum and sit in this lovely waiting room at the back of a big old house in Broadwater Road Worthing. There were toys…

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28th Jul 2019
Overflowing With Thanksgiving

Can we listen again to the idea St Paul had about how we each need to be. He said in our reading that we need to be rooted in him. Like the base of a chalice, firmly fixed, where we will not easily topple or overbalance. Where we know where we stand – and where…

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14th Jul 2019
Love Your Neighbour

One of the problems with the passage we have just heard from Luke is that we know it so well it can be hard to truly listen to it; truly think how we would have responded or more correctly how we do respond when faced with similar situations. It is one of those passages I…

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23rd Jun 2019
It’s a Small World After All!

Have you ever been to Disneyland – and if you haven’t, well would you like to go? Here, this morning, with me – if only in our mind’s eye. Let’s go to the place where Mickey Mouse characters wait to greet you on every corner of Main Street. Where Donald Duck creeps up from behind…

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26th May 2019
A Single Movement of Love

26 May 1981 – 38 years ago. I wonder what you were doing way back then. Think of all the water that has passed under your bridge in those intervening years. For that is the length of time the poor man in our Gospel reading had been lying beside the pool of Bethsaida – and…

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12th May 2019
Follow Jesus

When I hear this Gospel reading I always think it is a passage which shows we humans are often not as clever as we think we are. I say that because how often do we hear people call sheep, if not actually stupid, not the brightest of animals, the reason given being that they need…

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5th May 2019
What is Jesus Asking of Us?

My name is Kerry and I am currently working through what is called the discernment process, to try and work out where I am being called to serve God in the years ahead. Part of that process means coming along to a different church, to see how things are done and that’s why you’ve seen…

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21st Apr 2019
Our Lives in His Story

There is a little chapel somewhere secret in France and I’m not going to tell you where. I’ve been visiting it off and on for nearly twenty years now. In that chapel up near the altar there is a book on a lectern, the size of a giant bible. But when you open it, the…

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