21st Apr 2019
Our Lives in His Story

There is a little chapel somewhere secret in France and I’m not going to tell you where. I’ve been visiting it off and on for nearly twenty years now. In that chapel up near the altar there is a book on a lectern, the size of a giant bible. But when you open it, the…

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19th Apr 2019
Good Friday Sermon

How many of you are wearing a fit bit? How many steps have you walked today already? It is said the journey of a thousand miles only begins with one step. If you think about it, we are climbing steps, using lifts and going up and down escalators all day. Here in Redhill we have…

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18th Apr 2019
The Drama of the Table on this Holy Night

What’s it like at St Matthew’s I asked before I came. Well there are tables everywhere – came the reply. And I wondered if they would turn out to be tables of welcome or exclusion. For tables are dangerous things if not used properly You can bang your head on them if you try to…

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14th Apr 2019
The Path from Bethany

One of the joys about visiting the Holy Land is that the memories stay with you, I can remember standing at the end of the footpath in Bethany and wondering how it would feel for me, walking this very path that our Lord trod. Contrary to the expectations of the Pharisees and teachers, Jesus, The…

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17th Mar 2019
99p Jesus

I can’t even remember what I was in the shop for… I’m not a great browser of charity shops. I tend to go in when I’m hunting for something specific… usually for Messy Church or some other church activity… so I guess that’s why I was there in the first place. Just glancing along the…

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3rd Mar 2019
Listen to God

In the reading from Corinthians Paul is not dwelling on Moses as a person, but rather on the fact that he had to be veiled when in the company of people, he could only be truly visible to God. Paul interpreted this as meaning that to be able to truly understand the old covenant, the…

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24th Feb 2019
His Direction of Travel

Dear Father Andrew, I am sure you would like to join us in a great fundraising initiative in support of local charities. On Bank Holiday Monday, I would like to invite you to join with other community leaders in walking barefoot over hot coals to help us raise some money for deserving causes. I said…

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27th Jan 2019
The Parting of the Ways

When will I see you again? When will our hearts beat together? Are we in love or just friends? Is this my beginning – or is this the end? When will I see you again? Those of you of a certain age or romantic disposition will recognise these words from a chart topping hit from…

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