28th Mar 2021
Public Worship Starts With a Hosanna

There is no finer way to resume public worship together than with a Hosannah cry! For we are back as St Matthew’s and Christ is at the heart of lives. Palm Sunday was the day when people came pouring out of their homes and places of work to greet the arrival of the new king….

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14th Mar 2021
Coming Home to the Temple

It’s great to be sharing these thoughts for Mothering Sunday close to our lovely image of Mary as she holds Jesus tenderly in her arms and shows us what being a Mother might look like. But as I’ve said before, Jesus is a bit of a wriggler here I reckon. It’s as if He wants…

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21st Feb 2021
Look Up To The Sky And See

I have been sitting on my own in church for six weeks now. I have every seat in the house to choose from. I have settled for the very front row of the pews on the left hand side as you look down the church – and I don’t think anything will budge me from…

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17th Feb 2021
Lent With The Odds Stacked Against Us

In a long ago church youth group there was a young lad named Ian. Ian struggled to compete with the other members of the group and in any contest or challenge, he would always come in last. But he would do everything with a big beaming smile. Always ready to taking part with great enthusiasm….

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31st Jan 2021
A Saviour Caught Up in Our Arms

When I first set out as a Vicar there were a number of things that worried me. Including this! When it came to my first Baptism, would I be able to hold on to the baby? The crisis moment would surely be when the Mother of the child came to pass her little one from…

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24th Dec 2020
Looking In All The Wrong Places

You’ll never believe it, but I have been looking in all the wrong places. I’ve tended to follow the wise men most Christmases – you know go up to Herod’s palace – thinking that’s where you’d find any king worth his salt. I never found him there of course. But I love the way Herod…

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29th Nov 2020
Yes to Everyone

Have you heard the news that there’s going to be a new mini series of The Vicar of Dibley coming our way. Now I do enjoy that, especially that little group of characters that seem to make up the entire congregation as well as the Church Council. My all time favourite is Jim Trott. The…

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22nd Nov 2020
Christ the King

I’m sure we are all agreed on this – he should have the common decency to concede defeat. Even in the most marginal states, recounts are not going to alter a single thing. These legal challenges – well both sides are saying it – there’s no chance of it succeeding. So why not just come…

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