20th Sep 2020
Servant Disciple

Back in the last century when I was a very young parish priest I was invited once each month to lead an early morning Communion Service at the Convent of the Sisters of the Holy Rood in Lindfield just outside Haywards Heath. From the moment of my arrival until it was time to leave –…

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6th Sep 2020
“Only connect!”

What was your most challenging lockdown experience? Top of my list, and it may be top of yours, was not being able to see family or friends – or if I could see them, having to keep my distance. A close second challenging lockdown experience for me and my family was that our immediate neighbours…

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30th Aug 2020
The Path May Not Be The Most Obvious

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Lewis Carroll’s Alice through the Looking glass. In the second chapter Alice is intending to walk from the house through the garden to a high hill that she spies in the distance. Alice sets off on a path that looks to be leading straight up…

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23rd Aug 2020
Lifting in Fresh Foundations

The skyline over Redhill is full of cranes, The town centre has become a series of building sites where familiar shops and offices have been flattened. Scaffolding surrounds many of our structures which are either earmarked for demolition or part of a grand regeneration programme. My friends this is our home, our parish and our…

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16th Aug 2020
Not For Turning

Strong words of hope from our first reading this morning. The prophet is speaking to a people who feel far from home and long to be back. “I will bring them to my holy mountain. I will make them joyful in my house of prayer. Their offerings and sacrifices I will accept on my altar….

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24th May 2020
Thy Kingdom Come – A Prayer For A New Future

There’s not much room in the vicarage loft. It’s full of old photographs that we don’t want to lose. There must be thirty albums worth up there and other little boxes filled with all sorts of pictures and cuttings. A task of this lockdown time was that we would go through the lot of them…

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10th May 2020
The Way. The Truth And The Life? And Then What?

You’ll remember him of course from when he used to help out in the coffee shop. Taking the orders and waiting at tables. Not so good in the kitchen itself I seem to recall. But really good with the customers. Then he joined the rota for the Foodbank. Meeting clients in the prayer corner complete…

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19th Apr 2020
When Locked Doors Suddenly Become Opened

Like many of you, I am a great lover of the theatre and one of my favourite all time plays is “The Woman In Black”. It’s a bit of a ghost story. The sort of thing that might have you hiding behind your coat as the suspense of it all starts to grip you. And…

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