14th Nov 2021
Remembrance Sunday

Jesus’ discourse with his disciples in our Gospel reading about the end-time perhaps resonate more in times of acute global conflict and wars that transcend national boundaries. But even today we do not live in settled times and we read of the advances of forces hostile to Christianity (and indeed other religions) in different parts…

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7th Nov 2021
Did He Ever Get Out of That Boat

One of the joys of being Vicar of the country town of Midhurst was the chance to learn about its quirky history and especially all that went on in the little narrow streets near the parish church. One of my favourite stories was the one about Matthew Burnett – the reclusive cycle repairman of Rumbold’s…

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31st Oct 2021
Offering Hospitality to Jesus

Have you ever run a B&B? I don’t mean when you’ve had family and friends staying overnight and you do a great big fry up for them in the morning. I mean a proper B&B where you put a notice in the window of your front room which has the word “Vacancies” written on it…

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10th Oct 2021
Pointing the Finger or Offering Your Hand

I am quite partial to a game of bingo and in a former parish of many years ago there was an Over Sixties Club that met every week in the hall next to the church – and all they did was play bingo. I would pitch up for a session whenever I could and on…

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29th Aug 2021
The Judas Money Box

When he saw the woman pouring expensive ointment over the feet of Jesus, Judas Iscariot stood up exclaimed “Why is this ointment not being sold for three hundred coins, and given to the poor. Judas said this not that he cared for the poor, but because he was in charge of the money box and…

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22nd Aug 2021
The Evidence of the Past to Give Confidence for the Future

We’d wait excitedly at the water’s edge until the mighty ship put down it’s gang planks. Then with our suitcases at the ready and together with lots of other families, we’d climb aboard the giant vessel and find a space to sit down in the sun on the top deck. Then from the steaming red…

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1st Aug 2021
X Marks the Spot for the Buried Treasure of Christ

“Can you come down to the church as quickly as possible” came a message on the phone. “There are four people in here with bobble hats and rucksacks and they’re wandering about the place talking into their phones and taking lots of pictures and I don’t quite know what to do” “I’m on my way”…

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18th Jul 2021
Rushing or Resting… The Movement of Our Lives Towards Christ

It seems like only yesterday that we went to Disneyland Paris, but in actual fact it was a quarter of a century ago. The visit did not begin well as we discovered that our room in the Wild West Ranch had been double booked, but this resulted in an upgrade to the very posh Disneyland…

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