posted 19th May 2021
Prayers for India and the Holy Land
A prayer for India

Have mercy, O Lord, on our brothers and sisters
whose countries are overwhelmed by the burden of Covid.
Our hearts break for India, for Nepal,
for the most fragile countries of Africa.
We pray for the people of the world to have compassion,
for the families who are suffering to have provision,
for those who live in fear to have protection.
O God our refuge,
into the world’s illness, into the world’s mourning, into the world’s need,
come with rescue, hope and healing,
we pray in the name of your Son our Saviour.

A prayer for the Holy Land

O Prince of Peace,
our hearts cry out to you
for the lands in which you once lived.
Confound all who seek to change the world through violence;
prosper all whose hearts are set on reconciliation;
grant justice to those who have been denied it;
and security to those who live their lives in fear.
Work a miracle at this time of rage, we pray,
and grant peace to the people you love.