posted 24th February 2020
Murder Mystery Evening – The Scenario

  Home to Ayers Rock, Sydney Opera House, the Great
Barrier Reef and of course – the famous Melbright Cup
thoroughbred horse race!
  This year, as it has for the past few years, the
Melbright Cup Trophy has gone on tour to foster even
more interest in the annual race.
  Tonight, the Trophy is visiting yet another
charitable venue: a gala organised by the Riding for the
Disabled Club.
  Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong.
  Seymour Crooks, the security guard is discovered
murdered, but even worse – the Trophy on display is
found to be a fake!

Join us for a night of serious fun and sleuthing

The Church Hall
Sat March 7
From 7.30pm

Event details:

Please sign up on the list at the back of the church
£8 per person – Pay on the night
Come with a team or join one on arrival
Bring Your Own Bottle: buffet food and soft drinks will be available
And finally… Dress for the races – Down Under!