posted 23rd January 2021
Lent 2021

This holy season begins with Ash Wednesday on 17 Feb and there are a number of ways in which you can join in study and reflection throughout the weeks that follow.

Lent in an Envelope

As part of our Lent devotions this year we will be doing ‘Lent in an Envelope’. This reflects the fact that we cannot meet face to face for our usual Lent groups or some of the services. Just before Ash Wednesday you will receive an envelope with a booklet that will hold reflections and activities to take part in throughout Lent using things that will be found around the house. All these can be done either as individuals or as a family group. If you wish you can build up a Lent reflection corner or table as we go along through Lent together.

Six Week Lent Course

We are making available a 6 week Lent Course put together by St George’s College in Jerusalem – a combination of written material, video links, questions and prayers – it takes us right back to the holy land and explores the life of Jesus by engaging with the landscapes there. Those who have visited will find we engage with some familiar places. You can use the course on your own at home or join with a zoom group. Please let Fr Andrew know if you are interested and if you would like to join a zoom group or follow the course personally.

Lent Jigsaw

A giant Lent jigsaw will be put together on the noticeboard outside the church depicting the backgrounds to Jesus’s Lenten journey and ours too. There will be weekly reflections available to supplement the images online.

The Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call