Rev. Andrew Cunnington
23rd March 2014
Gospel In Less Than 140 Characters… Give Me A Drink!

I wonder what you have given up for Lent and how it’s all going?

Now, I am fairly sceptical about social networking, but I thought I would do something positive for the penitential season, by taking up Twitter for Lent.

So for these 40 days I am posting something each morning which is like a little thought for the day or just some news about St Matthew.

If you want to be a follower of mine… I’m @AndrewCunnington.

The only trouble with Twitter is that you are limited to 140 characters, and for a seasoned preacher like me, that is quite a challenge. To say something edifying or thoughtful in just a couple of sentences.

In our reading this morning, I am drawn to the verse where Jesus sums up so much about the Gospel in just 15 characters. It’s the first words he speaks to the woman at the well, when he says “Give me a drink”.

This was an amazing thing, because Jesus was addressing a woman and not only that a foreign woman and not only that a foreign woman who had been divorced seven times.

In the religious world of his day, the gap between God and a person such as this would have been deemed practically insurmountable.

And yet he turns to her in order to have his thirst quenched. He turns to her so that she can serve him, but then in return, he will serve her with a gift that is life changing.

So as we go about our day, are we open to hearing the voice of God speaking to us from the unlikeliest source? For there are many today who are thirsty.

And in saying this, I am not just thinking about those for whom water is a scarce resource, but for those who thirst in so many ways and might turn to us to have that thirst quenched.

People who need our love. People who need our time and patience. People who need what we might think we can’t give and then people too, who are not the sort we would really want to get involved with.

“Give me a drink”. In these days in which we live God is praying constantly through his people. In families struggling to find news about their lost families on board the aircraft, in people shifting across the border between Crimea and the Ukraine and not knowing where they stand. Amongst the people of Afghanistan as they watch the withdrawal of British troops and wonder about their security.

In those who come through the doors of our church asking when the Foodbank will be open. In those from our winter night shelter who we were not able to fix up with permanent accommodation. In those who might be visiting our church for the first time and wondering if anyone will speak to them.

Sharing the Gospel in 140 characters. Not an easy thing to do within the limitations of Twitter, but possible in our lives when we allow our actions to be motivated by being open to the one voice, of the one character, who is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

JOHN 4:7