posted 25th March 2020
Coronavirus: Ways you can still feel part of St Matthew’s
Did you know we now have a dedicated page to keep you up to date during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Everyone,

What a strange time we now find ourselves living in.

I hope you are coping with it all as best as you are able – but if you are floundering in any way please make contact with any member of the staff team and we will do what we can to help.

Although we cannot open the church for any public acts of worship, there are some things we now have in place which may help you to still feel a part of St Matthew’s.

Morning and Evening Prayer

Morning and Evening Prayer will be said by members of the staff team at 8.30am and 5.30pm respectively in our own home location. Maybe you might like to pray at the same time as us and thus feel we are together in a spiritual way. If you would like to follow exactly the same service as we do – there is an app you can install, but if you would like something a little simpler – please see below for the links to a service of Morning and Night Prayer which may be helpful to use.

If you would like a hard copy of these services, I can arrange to deliver it to you.

At these services, we shall be holding all our community in prayer, so please, if you have any particular matters you would like us to pray for, send a message through to me at and we will pray your request at the next service.

Sunday Morning Service

On Sunday morning we aim to record a service with different members of the team leading as we can arrange. It should be online for you by lunchtime and I hope this will bring you blessing. You can find it on our Recordings page.

Reflections on Social Media

From time to time, there will be additional reflections posted on social media.

Holy Week and Easter

Looking Ahead to Holy Week and Easter it seems most unlikely that we shall be in church together for this time but we are preparing some sort of reflection or act of worship for each day and we hope to make this available for you online.


The Foodbank continues to operate at church, and it is a hugely busy time for our volunteers. We have a system in place so that we can continue to offer this service with the minimum of health risk – so although the church door will be open on Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 12 and 2, it will not be possible for anyone to access the church then, unless you are on duty at the Foodbank.

Looking Forward

As you look through our web site, you will find all our regular services and activities remain listed and whilst none of these can take place right now (apart from the Foodbank), we look forward to the time, whenever that may be, when normal service will be resumed.

I have never known a time like this in ministry but in amongst all the uncertainty and concern, I have witnessed so many acts of kindness and generosity which helps me to see that there is so much more to cling onto than just despair and as the people of God we need to find ways to witness to the truth of that.

I have always said that I believe that in Jesus Christ we have the reality of God present in all that we do and all that we are – and I see that truth in action, clearer than ever before in these days.

Thanks to all who have been in touch to share specific concerns with any of us. If you do have anything you wish to share, the best thing is to email or telephone for a chat.

Things will inevitably change, and this may mean adapting these arrangements – and I will let you know about anything that alters.

This all comes with the love and prayers of myself and the rest of the team here, with whom it is my privilege to share in ministry

Fr Andrew