Church Weddings At St. Matthew’s

Weddings take place now in all sorts of wonderful places, but there is something special about a church wedding. You don’t have to be a regular church goer, you may not be able to put easily into words why it is that you want to begin your married life with God’s blessing, but do contact us for an initial chat about how we can help make your day perfect.

There used to be a lot of regulations about which church you could or could not marry in, but this is no longer the case and at the end of this piece you can read about what you need in order for us to celebrate your wedding at St Matthew’s.

It is normally best to get in touch with us about a year before your wedding day, so that we can help you to plan things at a relaxed pace. Where one or both of the couple are not British citizens, it is important to give as much time as possible for the extra paper work we have to do.

The Vicar
Fr. Andrew | 01737 761568 |
What happens next?

One of the Staff team will meet with you both soon after your initial enquiry, so that we can make sure all the residence qualifications are met. We will get the paperwork all done for you, set a date and talk through with you the specific requirements of your wedding. Because we are part of the Church of England, there are set words for us to use at the service, but you can choose extra readings and music to make the day truly your own. We can also help you in preparing your own personalised order of service.

You will be offered the chance to attend a number of sessions where we look at what marriage is and our own hopes and expectations of the future. These are not formal at all, and can be a great way of preparing for the day.

A meeting with our Director of Music to finalise your music choice and a rehearsal in church will take place before all the excitement of the big day.

We also have facilities available in our Church Hall for wedding receptions.

If you have been previously married and are wondering what our response will be to you, please get in touch. We follow the guidelines of the Church of England which means that in most situations we will be delighted to have your wedding at St Matthew’s.
How much does it cost?

Cost is an issue in this day and age, but these are the current fees for a church wedding. fees are governed by central church authorities and other recommendations and are correct as of March 2021

The service in church
The wedding certificate
The calling of Banns of Marriage
Full services of our Director of Music
Use of our church choir


If cost is an issue, please let us know as we can talk through options of a simpler service, which will be just as beautiful.
*If you live in St. Matthew’s parish but are getting married in a church elsewhere you will need to have your intention to marry “read out” on three successive Sundays approx two months before the wedding. A certificate is given on completion of this for which an additional £15 fee is payable. If you are getting married at St Matthew’s, we do the same thing, but no certificate is necessary so the cost is just £31.
Who can get married at St Matthew’s?

We are able to marry couples in St. Matthew’s where one of the following applies

That one of you

Has at any time lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months
Was baptised in the parish concerned
Was prepared for confirmation in the parish
Has at any time regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church
for a period of at least 6 months

That one of your parents, at any time after you were born

Has lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months
Has regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period
of at least 6 months

That one of your parents or grandparents

Was married in the parish

If you do not fit these categories, but feel there is a special significance for your wedding to take place in St. Matthew’s we are more than happy to discuss this – but it is likely that a special licence would have to be obtained. Please get in touch as early as possible. We will of course help you through the paperwork involved.