posted 29th March 2022
Annual Meeting of St Matthew’s Church

St Matthew’s APCM is on Wednesday 27 April at 8pm in the church.

If you are wondering what this meeting covers or if you would like to be involved, here’s a quick guide…

Our annual meeting is divided into the Annual Parishioners Meeting (APM) and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM).

The APM is open to anyone living within the Parish of St Matthew’s and anyone on the electoral roll of the church. The focus of this first part of the meeting is to elect the two Churchwardens.

The APCM is open to the same people as above, but only people on the electoral roll may vote or comment.

The APCM starts with the election of new members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC). The PCC is the voluntary governing body of the church and works to support the Vicar in decisions concerning the building and finances. Each member of the PCC is invited to serve for three years and act as trustees of the PCC which is a registered charity. The APCM is an opportunity to review the past year, to look at all the church activities, the church finances, the upkeep of the buildings and is also a chance to ask any questions.