13th Aug 2017
Walking On Water (not much good to me!)

“Lord if it is you” cries the disciple “Bid me come to you walking on the water” And he starts to walk on the water, he starts to come to Jesus, but when he sees the wind, he is afraid and begins to sink” This Gospel reading is no good to me I’m afraid. Jesus…

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9th Jul 2017
Squabbling Children

Am I the only parent here who can remember, all too well, having to listen to children squabbling in the garden with their friends and instead of playing happily they were standing glaring at each other, saying, what sounded like yer, yer, yer, we’re bored, with one adding no one wants to play the game…

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1st Jul 2017
A “However” Sort of Person?

The success of a happy home is completed negotiations as to who may choose what is watched on telly. Now we are down to the two of us at The Vicarage, you would have thought this would have made life simple. But there is so much cricket on in the evening these days, and after…

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28th May 2017
Are We Nearly There Yet?

When my In Laws were alive they lived in a small Ayrshire town and we’d pop up there 3 or 4 times a year to visit. It took about 8 hours to do the trip door to door. Not a problem for two adults maybe, but when the children came along as you can imagine,…

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14th May 2017
Invited to Wrestle with Him

Good morning everyone! I am an amateur wrestler. This may come as a surprise to you, but it’s true. I am a regular partaker in the strenuous activity of wrestling although I am not a wrestler who wears a cape, leotard and a face mask. I didn’t intend to get into wrestling, never saw the…

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7th May 2017
Jesus is our Good Shepherd

When I drive passed a flock of sheep I have to admit that I sometimes wonder why Christ equates us with them, not because I feel insulted but perhaps the opposite. They seem to understand the need to stay together, occasionally one or two may wander off but they seem to enjoy being together and…

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23rd Apr 2017
It is Good to Doubt

I couldn’t believe it. I had just got back from the school on Tuesday and the radio was saying that Theresa May had said she was going to make a news statement in Downing Street in fifteen minutes. The BBC were obviously surprised, they had no idea what it could be about. I thought to…

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16th Apr 2017
Face to Face with the Risen Lord

On the 4th August 1967 I went for the first time to watch Sussex play cricket at Hove and I have been going every year since then, so this year is my 50th anniversary! I can see you are impressed! I remember that first day so vividly. My neighbour from across the road – Old…

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