11th Mar 2018
Letting In The Light

I already can’t wait for the Summer. For we have some friends who have a huge house right on the coast of Brittany and we are going there this year for the first time for a long time. When we arrive the house is always in darkness. All the shutters are pulled down, the doors…

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25th Feb 2018
We Need to Think as God Thinks

In the reading from Genesis we heard God make his covenant with Abraham, the passage began with God telling Abraham to walk before him and be blameless, for God would make a covenant with him, a covenant which will last forever. A reading which links up well with the passage from Mark, where Jesus is…

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14th Feb 2018
He Squats In The Entrance Of A Shallow Cave

He squats in the entrance of a shallow cave, shivering from the cold. There is a wineskin by his side, but it is drained to the dregs. There is a purse at his feet, but it is empty. His daughter is huddled in a threadbare shawl and she sits apart from him, staring angrily into…

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7th Jan 2018
Meeting The Six Kings Of The Epiphany

Today is a day for finding kings and seeing what they are all getting up to. So there are, let’s say, three of them to be found riding camels to Bethlehem. There is one more, a fourth, and he is pacing up and down in his palace nearby. Oh and don’t forget the one about…

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31st Dec 2017
The World Needs Peace

I preached on this passage exactly a year ago, and I started by saying ‘I was going to start by wishing you a Happy New Year, but on second thoughts, I think I would rather wish you a peaceful 2017’. Sadly I don’t think my hopes came true, I know things could have been worse,…

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24th Dec 2017
Mary’s Christmas Journey’s

At 4.10pm on Christmas Eve, Jessica Hossack and Jacob Buckfield were dressed as Mary and Joseph for the Family Crib Service. In the time it takes to sing three verses of “Little Donkey”, they made the whole journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, in one single circuit of the church. When you think of Mary in…

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3rd Dec 2017
Stay Alert

Perhaps it’s me, life can be funny, but somehow things suddenly seem to have altered. I am not really talking about major things, but everyday things, things you look at each day. Now for me that has been one of my flower beds. We created a new one some fifteen years ago. I diligently picked…

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15th Oct 2017
To be Healed is to be Whole

Today we are celebrating St Luke, the physician, and the healing power of prayer. Thinking about the full meaning of the word healing and what it means, not just for us, but for the world today… We are here to remember the Good News that we know who the true Healer is, what the good…

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