7th May 2017
Jesus is our Good Shepherd

When I drive passed a flock of sheep I have to admit that I sometimes wonder why Christ equates us with them, not because I feel insulted but perhaps the opposite. They seem to understand the need to stay together, occasionally one or two may wander off but they seem to enjoy being together and…

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23rd Apr 2017
It is Good to Doubt

I couldn’t believe it. I had just got back from the school on Tuesday and the radio was saying that Theresa May had said she was going to make a news statement in Downing Street in fifteen minutes. The BBC were obviously surprised, they had no idea what it could be about. I thought to…

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16th Apr 2017
Face to Face with the Risen Lord

On the 4th August 1967 I went for the first time to watch Sussex play cricket at Hove and I have been going every year since then, so this year is my 50th anniversary! I can see you are impressed! I remember that first day so vividly. My neighbour from across the road – Old…

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13th Apr 2017
The Upper Room – My Place in the Unfolding Pandemonium

It was pandemonium in the Upper Room. The supper had been barely touched. Bread had not been broken, nor wine poured out. Because when Jesus had knelt before his friends to wash their feet, all hell had broken loose. Just look at the place now. Chairs have been pushed back. A dish has been smashed…

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19th Mar 2017
The Woman At The Well

I went to Samaria some thirty years ago, and there was tension, we didn’t feel very welcome, the people just seemed very tense, and the situation between Jews and Samaritans was even worse in Jesus’ time. Indeed, while we were at Jacobs Well the Jewish police were also tense, one started to hold his gun,…

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5th Mar 2017
Uncomfortable in Satan’s Shoes

I lent forward from the back seat and tapped the taxi driver on the shoulder. “Are you sure we’re headed in the right direction” I asked him. “Well this is where the Sat Nav’s taking me” he replied. We’d left the city behind and we’re driving through a shanty town. The shanty town gave way…

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26th Feb 2017
Mountains are for Climbing and Not Carrying

The little village is set high in the mountains. If you climb up through its picturesque streets, a most wonderful view opens out before you. You cannot drive through these streets. They are too steep. Too narrow. Too cobbled. You have to climb up on foot and as you wind your way ever upwards you…

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12th Feb 2017
Love and Compassion

Dear Lord and Father of mankind, Forgive our foolish ways ReCloth us in our rightful mind, In purer lives our service find In deeper reverence, praise! The scripture passages for today made for tough reading. I felt that before we looked at them I wanted to start with the Good news. That as we look…

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