15th Oct 2017
To be Healed is to be Whole

Today we are celebrating St Luke, the physician, and the healing power of prayer. Thinking about the full meaning of the word healing and what it means, not just for us, but for the world today… We are here to remember the Good News that we know who the true Healer is, what the good…

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3rd Sep 2017
God In Close Up

In my view there is no finer stretch of railway in the whole of the United Kingdom than that which links Settle to Carlisle. And there is no more wonderful part of that journey than when the train crosses the famous Ribblehead Viaduct. It is a magnificent structure set to the backdrop of breath taking…

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27th Aug 2017
Soon Be Christmas!

Soon be Christmas!!!! Yes, I know it’s still August, I know the schools haven’t even gone back yet, but there’s only 121 Days to go… you’d better start planning! The race is off and running already… the Church Times and another worthy organ ‘The Reader’… have recently flooded us with advertisements from the Meaningful Chocolate…

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13th Aug 2017
Walking On Water (not much good to me!)

“Lord if it is you” cries the disciple “Bid me come to you walking on the water” And he starts to walk on the water, he starts to come to Jesus, but when he sees the wind, he is afraid and begins to sink” This Gospel reading is no good to me I’m afraid. Jesus…

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9th Jul 2017
Squabbling Children

Am I the only parent here who can remember, all too well, having to listen to children squabbling in the garden with their friends and instead of playing happily they were standing glaring at each other, saying, what sounded like yer, yer, yer, we’re bored, with one adding no one wants to play the game…

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1st Jul 2017
A “However” Sort of Person?

The success of a happy home is completed negotiations as to who may choose what is watched on telly. Now we are down to the two of us at The Vicarage, you would have thought this would have made life simple. But there is so much cricket on in the evening these days, and after…

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28th May 2017
Are We Nearly There Yet?

When my In Laws were alive they lived in a small Ayrshire town and we’d pop up there 3 or 4 times a year to visit. It took about 8 hours to do the trip door to door. Not a problem for two adults maybe, but when the children came along as you can imagine,…

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14th May 2017
Invited to Wrestle with Him

Good morning everyone! I am an amateur wrestler. This may come as a surprise to you, but it’s true. I am a regular partaker in the strenuous activity of wrestling although I am not a wrestler who wears a cape, leotard and a face mask. I didn’t intend to get into wrestling, never saw the…

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